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Lessons Tatyana Huft

Why Music Lessons?

Why would you want to take a music lessons? What is the brain connection between music and health?

The answer is simple.

Playing music has been discovered to have a direct and almost immediate effect on the brain of the student. That's right. Music lessons have been shown in a German study to have a significant impact on the way the brain functions after as little as five weeks!

What they found is that music lessons lead to brain development, which ultimately means that music lessons have the effect of giving the individual that is taking the lessons improved brain function from which to draw in the rest of his or her life.

Second, the brain connection from music lessons is significant because researchers in Hong Kong took the study one step further and tested a group of students with music lessons and a group without music lessons for verbal memory, and found that the group that was taking music lessons outscored their non-musical peers by a significant margin.

It gets better still. The same groups of students were tested a year later, even after some of them had discontinued their music lessons, and found that they still outscored their non-musical peers in verbal tests!

The fact is, children that take music lessons will perform better in other areas of academic achievement.

Voice Lessons

Tatyana's students are local, State and International completions winners.
6 years in the row she hold the title of the Best Teacher In Orange County by the International Blue Book of pianos.
Active member of Music Teachers Association Of California.
Member of WPPC.
World Pedagogy Piano Conference.
Tatyana also works with the young talents and promote them into the next level.

She is also teaches composition and
You can find the results on this site, just as an example of one of her students:


Go under Composers Today

State Results.

Starting 2006, decision #6

Danny Nasol, one of her student keeps winning 1 places year after year.
We could go on and on about her exclusive teaching technic, but what really shows it's the final result of her students, many of them got scholarships at the top world Universities and as an example, Evan Roth- works at Warner Brothers, had full scholarship at the Chapman University and has now his own company. Teaches his students and performing on a weekly bases. Including writing his original music.

Tatyana also teaches children with a special needs, after 2-3 years with Tatyana Kyle Nguyen got a 3 place in a Saddleback College, after that he was back excepted back to the public school. Today, Kyle is an engineer, who still loves to play piano.

Tatyana's passion for teaching is contagious and she can accommodate any student no matter what there level is and the condition.

All lessons are customized for an individual student, depending on there age, gift, ability and other factors.

Her desire to be a music teacher began at the age of 5, as a 3 generation musician.

And her biggest reward is the results and happiness of her students and parents!

Tatyana Huft is one of Orange County's top voice coaches.  Her musical experience spans 20 years of professional performing and teaching.

She's in high demand for her ability to help singers of all levels and styles perfect their talents.

Tatyana specializes in vocal technique, vocal styles, performance, speech beautification and vocal health for singers and public speakers.

For pop, rock, country, R&B, jazz, musical theater styles and classical technique, Tatyana can help you acheive excellence and confidence in:

* Vocal Technique
Posture, Proper Support, Breathing, Register Blending, Range Finding, Control of Vibrato & Resonance, Easy High Notes, Power, Vocal Beauty, Speech Improvement, Innovation in Belting and Commercial Voice, Accent Reduction, Voice-Over Coaching, Cold Reading

* Vocal Style
Precision and Authenticity in Pop, Rock, Country, R&B, Jazz, Musical Theater, Operetta and Opera

* Performance
Gesture, Choreography, Anxiety Reduction, Charisma Enhancement, Lyric Interpretation, Audition Preparation, Mic Technique for Live Stage Work


The studio is located in South Orange County. Directions given upon request.

All levels of experience and styles of singing are welcome. Audition is not required. To record your lesson, you may bring your choice of a hard-disk recorder with microphone like an iPod or other digital hand recorder, your laptop with GarageBand or Photobooth or a blank CD.

 In addition, Tatyana is a sight-reading accompanist if you choose to bring your own sheet music. Students should feel free to bring karaoke CD's as accompaniment and recording artists are encouraged to bring tracks from current CD projects.  Lessons are conducted in English, Russian or Japanese.

Piano Lessons

What age should my child start piano?

Children can start piano at the age of 4. This is the best instrument for any student to start because piano is the basic foundation of music. If you are skilled at the piano, it is a lot easier to pick up any other instrument. All music majors in college must have courses in piano before they can graduate.

We highly recommend that all students begin their musical studies in piano.

I am an adult with no music experience, is it too late for piano lessons?
It is never too late to learn piano, and we are happy to help! We are finding more and more adults enrolling everyday. This is usually for one of two reasons. Either they quit as a child and are full of regrets or they were never given the opportunity to play.

Whether it is for relaxation, personal enjoyment, or for a specific purpose, learning an instrument is a rewarding experience for students of all ages. Don't give up too quickly either. It can be more difficult for adults to learn as with many other things, but the benefits will outweigh the obstacles you will overcome.

I only have a keyboard, is this okay?
It is just fine for beginning piano students to start off on a keyboard. In the beginning, you would not be using all the keys, and children are generally too short to reach the pedals to start. As the student progresses, you would want to select a piano or full size keyboard, preferably with weighted keys. There is a different feel to the keys that you will want to address at a later date.

Don't hesitate on taking piano lessons because of the cost of the instrument. There are ways to get around it and you can always find a used piano at a reasonable cost, or a rental piano at around $30 per month.

If you can't have a piano, don't feel bad about being stuck with a keyboard. Actually, depending upon the type of music you wish to play, an electric keyboard might be more versatile. A keyboard is portable and it can readily integrate well with other music gear.

What language do you speak?
Lessons can be conducted in English, Russian, or Japanese.

About Us
Tatyana Huft - Piano Teacher and Voice Coach

Her teachers were all the way from Saint Petersburg Russia. They were very famous teachers; for example, Shinkarenko and Golovnya (a husband and wife team, unfortunately already passed away) were both very influential. Shinkarenko taught at Anspirantura and Golovnya was his student after conservatory at the highest level one can achieve in the musical world.

They were indeed, extraordinary musicians with some of the top piano techniques one can find! Her first teacher, however, was my father (although her mom, even though she did not play any instrument, had an excellent ear and always sat alongside of her while I was practicing her piano). She started singing and playing piano at the age of five. Her first song that she composed was Air played when she was only 5 all over Russia. her dad had to get me ready to attend a special music school where Golovnya was a director and her husband Shinkarenko (who was her teacher in Anspirantura) was also teaching. She had her specialty with them three times per week and the rest of the days had Solfegio, music literature, and voice lessons a full course to be sure! In order to get into their class she needed to pass an exam where, although there involving fifty people, could only accept ten students. She passed the exam and was accepted I She then went to a music college and the Music Institute, taking evening classes. She also took lessons with world famous musicians like Yakimovich, Basia, James Chestnut and others.

She was trained as a classical pianist and vocalist, however, the love for jazz, pop, rock and R&B was strong enough to capture her attention, at least for a while. In fact, She almost quit piano and voice and was ready to become a physicist; but Jazz and other styles saved her love for piano and voice, rekindling her pursuit of a musical career. Her mom played a major roll as she encouraged me to persevere for the sake of her father and grandmother continuing their legacy in the next generation. As a result, Tatyana strongly believes in a fresh balance of mixing the different styles together; then, even classical music can be absolutely fun and exciting!

Of course: Czerny, Mashkovsky and scales, warm ups are also very important in becoming a great musician. Starting from the Baroque era, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary, there are several breathtaking pieces which will undoubtedly leave you speechless! She believes that it is very important to give students the opportunity to choose the piece and style they wish to play rather than force one upon them. In this way will most likely practice more diligently and feel more in charge of their own musical exploration. Students will avoid the critical moments of rebellion that she underwent as a child.

Music is extremely important to Tatyana and loves to share this priceless gift with others, passing it on to the next generations. What I teach is simply what my grandmother, my dad and my teachers have told me in time past. And, of course, practice will make it perfect that's why I had to mention the story of my childhood to give you an idea what your children really need just to be able to enjoy and have fun with music! This is paramount for me; at the end of my day I can say, "Yes, she or he was smiling today. That means they liked what they picked"after all, I can only suggest and help them shape and frame there fine talents!

Tatyana is really looking forward to meeting more of you and developing a wonderful relationship in the years to come as a teacher, and student, and a friend. : )


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